Go to settings and click on create user database! It's that easy.
The only thing I send to the server is your unique User ID string. No personal information beyond that.
This hasn't been made available in the current version of the app. I will be adding this in a future update. If you really need something deleted send me an email. Include your user id and what you need done. You can find my email in the settings.
Send me a message or send me an email from the app with what happened and I'll try to include a fix in the next update.
As of the current version this is not possible. It will be a part of a future update. If its a major mistake div class="accordion-inner"> contact me or send me an email and I can take care of it. Include your user id and what you need done.
This feature is not available in the current version, but stay tuned I will be adding it in a future update.
This means you haven't added a movie to your database with the currently selected genre. Add a movie and try again. Still having problems? Send me an email and I'll take a look.